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    vCenter High availability, backup and restore

    rahulrock Lurker

      1)  Other than vCenter heartbeat option which is no more available, What are the options available for maintaining high availability of vCenter server deployed on a physical server, considering the fact that only one physical server is available for vCenter server based on Windows OS. 


      2)  Referring these URLs of vCenter server database backup and restore, it is understood that this will work for same vCenter server. And Use of image-based backup and restore is the only solution supported for performing a full, secondary appliance restore.  Kindly elaborate this second statement so that it can be easier for us to explain it to our backup team.  Backup software in our environment may be Dell netvault backup.





      3)  Backup of vCenter server database is sufficient from server failure point of view or backup of PSC and other components is also required in case of complete OS failure ?


      Above all concerns are related to one another and require your suggestions as we are into the pre production stage where your suggestions will help us to prepare our execution plan accordingly.