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    Unable to clear the alert after HDD replacement

    edwinli07 Lurker

      Hi all,


      Recently, I got a fault HDD failure on my DELL R510 server.


      I had replace it, and DELL OMSA looks normal, but I still got the warning saying the Array Rebuild in Prgorss.


      But, in OMSA is saying the rebuild is finish.


      I had already tried the following:


      • Go to Hardware Status tab and select the System event log view.
      • Click Reset event log
      • Click Update. The error should now be cleared.
      • Select the Alerts and warnings view.
      • Click Reset sensors.
      • Click Update. The memory should now be cleared.
      • If the error is not cleared, connect to the host via SSH.
      • Restart the sfcbd service
      • To restart the service in ESXi, run this command:
      • services.sh restart
      • To restart the service in ESX, run this command
      • service sfcbd restart
      • Click Update. The error should now be cleared.


      And the server is reboot as well, the warning still exists.




      Any experts got an idea?