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    Failed to Backup VM - Failed to retrieve next FILE_PUT message

    azlans27 Novice

      Hi All,


      I just got problem in my environment. Here it is:


      Before, the VM was backup normally during last 1 year. But, last week, the backup was failed. Here is failed notification:


      Processing SERVER-A (1xx.1xx) Error: DiskLib error: [4].Success Failed to retrieve next FILE_PUT message. File path: [[datastore_name] SERVER-A/SERVER-A.vmx]. File pointer: [0]. File size: [3338].

      My Environment Info:

      VM Os               : Windows Server 2003

      VMware Esxi      : 5.5

      Vcenter Version  : 6.0

      Backup App        : Veeam B&R

      Additional Information : backup job for other VM's run normally

      Why this error happen? What to do to fix this issue?

      any suggestion will be appreciated.

      Best Regards,

      Azlan Syah