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    Proactive HA with essentials plus license?

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      I've just setup a small virtual infrastructure that consists of two hosts and one SAN. I've already installed the vCenterAppliance and I'm now trying to setup a cluster with "proactive HA". That is, if a host fails (e.g. power loss) I would like to restart the virtual machines on the other host.

      To me it seems that this is not possible with the "essentials plus" license kit because:

      - In order for the virtual machines to be restarted automatically on the other host I need proactive HA, right?

      - If I want to enable proactive HA I also have to enable DRS (at least the web client tells me to do so)

      - But DRS is of course not included in the essentials plus license kit.


      Am I missing something or do we really have to buy new licenses?

      In VSphere 4.1 (our old system) this was possible...


      Thanks in Advance,


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          "Proactive HA" is a new feature (actually an advancement of HA), which is available with an "Enterprise Plus" license.

          "HA" itself - i.e. restarting VMs in case of a host failure - is still part of the Essentials Plus edition.



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            You are looking for vSphere HA, not Proactive HA. vSphere HA will restart VMs from failed hosts to healthy hosts. Proactive HA communicates with hardware vendor monitoring solution to detect failed or unhealthy components. Things like fans and power supplies. When those failures are detected, vSphere DRS will begin to move off VMs from the affected hosts before a component failure causes an outage.

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