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    SQL mirroring / AlwaysOn HA support?

    solgaeDK Enthusiast

      Are there any possibility that the SQL mirroring or AlwaysOn HA for Microsoft SQL Server will be supported as a database high-availability option? Currently, it seems only SQL failover cluster is supported, but we are running a NFS-only environment, and can't create iSCSI LUNs required for failover clustering.


      It seems the main reason might be due to vCloud Director using JTDS driver for connecting to SQL Server when I look at the JDBC URL string on the global.properties file, but Microsoft's version of JDBC driver does support connecting and setting up failover instance for SQL mirroring, or redirecting to active instance when connecting to SQL instance with AlwaysOn replicas set up. Is switching JDBC drivers a possibility? The Microsoft JDBC driver is now on GitHub under MIT license, and they just recently implemented the socket timeout option on their 6.1.2 preview driver which seemed to be one of the things missing that was available on JTDS driver.