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    MSA2040 (SAS) Cluster Slow Speed of Network

    repa82 Novice

      Hi there,

      i have a problem on customer side.

      they run a small env. with 3xDL360 Gen9 connected by SAS to a MSA2040.

      They have 3 Disk Groups with about 6 Disks each, 1.2 TB SAS 10k Drives.

      Raid is RAID6.


      They run a ESXi 6.0 Cluster (Update 2 i think) only Windows VM's resides on the cluster.


      When i do a speedtest on the fileserver (write local), i get arround 569 MB/s write, 532 MB/s read.

      When i do the speedtest on a Citrix Server (Write local), i get 395 MB/s write, 200 MB/S read


      When i start the speedtest and write from the citrix server to the fileserver, i only get 30 MB/s.

      The Servers are all connected with 2 NIC's (Gbit) to a HPE Switch.


      How can i find the bottlneck in this situation, it must be something network related or any other hint?