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    ESXi 6.0 vmwarevsphereHealthCheck 6.0.0 (--email yes) send twice email

    Tecnogatto Lurker


      I use vmwarevspherehealthcheck 6.0.0 script in vMA 6.0.0 for check one esxi 6.0.0 standalone host,

      with the option --email yes.



      I configured the optional parameters in file healthcheck.conf to send an email to 2 destination.

      Every time that script start delivery the email twice for each destination.

      P.S. email host is an SMTP internal Lan and i already check for send email.

             When i analized the SMTP server communication, i see two requests for each destination.

      I have already try to remove a destination, let only one, but the result is the same. the email arrive twice.

      Furthermore, in the email arrived from the script, the field "TO:" is populated with the number of destinataries,

      not with their email addresses. You can see below in the picture.



      Thank you very much to everyone to help me.