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    VCA6-NV Exam Pre-rquisit, VCP6-NV Exam Pre-requist

    jahanzaib Novice

      Can any one appear in VCA6-NV Exam with out taking any official training from Partner? And same as for VCP6-NV Exam?


      Further If some is already VCA6-NV (Associate-NV) certified and want to appear in DCV6 (Data-center Virtualization Exam) then he can appear and get certificate with out taking training from official partner?



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          VCA level certifications do not have a training requirement, but VCP level certifications do (with 1 exception, mentioned below)


          Having a VCA doesn't count for anything in terms of VCP level certifications.


          The only way you can get your first VCP level certification with no training requirement, is the VCP6-NV for holders of certain Cisco certifications - all other VCPs have a training requirement, as does VCP6-NV if you're not Cisco certified.

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