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    Adding a Second Cluster

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      We are going to be doubling our View environment and I am going to put View in it's own cluster so i have a few questions.  What my 30,000 foot plan is is to Create  a new cluster, add another vCenter server (for that cluster).  i currently have 5 host in one cluster taking care of approximately 190 VM's (desktop and server).  I am adding a 6th host then going to put two of the original hosts in the new cluster along with the new host to make 3 hosts per cluster.  After adding vCenter i was going to put the 2 hosts (to be moved) into maintenance mode, forcing all View VM's to the other three hosts.  Then removing the two host from the original cluster and adding them to the new cluster.  That should give me two clusters with 3 hosts with the original cluster now handling only the view environment.  Once clusters are in place, move all servers to the new cluster.


      The questions I have for everyone are...Is there anything i need to be concerned with in this scenario and is this a good option?  Anything special need to be done when moving all the SERVERS to the new cluster with the new vCenter?  Might there be an easier way of getting this done?  Any comments or suggestions are welcome.  thanks!



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          Hi Perry,


          You can have a large number of ESXi Servers and a fair number of VMware Clusters under a single vCenter Server.  I will admit, it has been a while since I installed View and whilst iirc, view composer -> vCenter is 1:1 does it need to be a dedicated vCenter Server for anything else you have? Are you not only doubling but splitting it into 2 View environments?


          Assuming all hosts are identical configuration (and this should be a pre-req), I personally would create a new Cluster with the new host.  Then put one of the 5 hosts into maintenance mode to evacuate the VMs, disconnect it and re-connect back to the vCenter Server in the new cluster (then you would have 4 in one and 2 in the new cluster) and then complete same exercise again to balance it out in 3-3.


          Will the new cluster have different storage presentation or are they all going to see the same storage?


          What is the perceived benefit of have two clusters in the first place?  By reducing the amount of servers in the cluster to 3 you potentially reduce the capacity to fail. Two 3 node clusters (at lets assume n+1) could have less capacity than a 6 node (5+1) cluster depending on how you are doing HA (obviously that high level and it depends on how you configure HA)