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    xVC vMotion using RelocateVM_Task and same datastore

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      Backstory:  I have two discrete vCenter servers, we'll call them vcA and vcB.  I setup a third server, vcC, in the same SSO domain as vcA now with linked mode!  I would like to migrate guests from vcB to vcC live.  (All vCenters are 6.0 U2 on Windows, and all hosts are ESXi 6.0.)


      There is a script written by virtuallyGhetto to do such a thing.  I have a four-node cluster that I'd like to start with.  I moved all the guests off of the first host, disconnected it from vcB, and landed it on vcC.  The host has all the same networks (I exported / imported the Virtual Distributed Switch configs) and I left same datastores intact.  I re-wrote the script to match up the distributed port group, and individual datastore IDs per disk from the source to the destination vCenters.  When I ran the script against a test VM, it migrated successfully.


      When I tried another VM migration, it failed complaining about not enough space on the target datastore.  I checked and the datastore for this VM was 70% utilized.  The datastore for my test VM was only 25% utilized.  Eventually, after trying a few things, I increased the size of the datastore so that it had >50% free space, and the migration succeeded.


      I watched the datastore during the vMotion and I didn't see any sign that files were actually copied. The VM is ~5 TB in size, but the migration took 1 min 16 seconds. Our network isn't that fast.  At this point I'm thinking that the RelocateVM_Task does pre-checks for target datastore size, without taking in to account the possibility that a storage vMotion will not be required.


      Have I missed an option on the VirtualMachineRelocateSpec?  Or on the VirtualMachineRelocateSpecDiskLocator?  Someone on another forum suggested this was a bug which may be fixed in 6.0 U3.