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    Windows 7 license- Asks to reactivate - Flex.

    RahulPathak Lurker

      Hello All,


      I am not sure that this is the right forum for asking this question but since it is related to Workstation and VMware Player somehow, I'll go ahead !


      I am facing an issue where I am using Horizon Flex and publishing win7 desktops to some users for a special use case , hence the flex machines will not have network connectivity. I engineered the master image to my needs and added Windows 7 MAK license and activated it. Further upon publishing the image , I am getting queries from users regarding license in user's downloaded images, it asks them to reactivate the windows and standard "3 days left" message. I , myself downloaded those images from Flex and tried them on VMware Player as user but I am not getting any such warnings and it runs perfectly fine for me and for many users.

      From my online research on this issue I found that change in hardware (different CPU make for user's laptop) might be triggering this windows de-activation so I tried different configuration in terms of change in CPU(processor) settings and played around with Virtualisation Engine settings but still the user see same message.

      I would really appreciate some help on this issue , has anyone seen this sort of Windows behaviour before ? Any thing else I might try to get rid of this windows deactivation problem in user's downloaded machines ? Thanks in advance !


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