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    Appstack and Horizon USB issues when UEM in installed but not configured

    jqvm Novice

      Word of warning for anyone starting a UEM migration, it appears that UEM can mess with PCoIP USB if it is left in a running but unconfigured state.


      We installed UEM in a Gold master image and left the service to automatic startup, with no UEM GPO's were applied to the linked clone pools.  (We were preparing for UEM migration/testing)


      USB devices fail to attach in the initial login session, a reconnect on PCoIP allows the devices to pass through from the Zero client.   The issue also seems to delay the attachment of Appvolumes appstacks.  PCoIP server log reports:


      LVL:1 RC:   0        SOFT_USB :VHUBLIB(error): GetUemStatus : Failed to open key path is Software\VMware, Inc.\VMware UEM\SessionData\1

      LVL:1 RC:   0        SOFT_USB :VHUBLIB(error): The UEM component is still not ready yet


      Workaround is to set the service to manual/disabled until UEM is required for a desktop pool.   If UEM is enabled at login (say via the GP extension method), the issue does not occur.   We didn't raise a case for this, but an interesting one anyway.


      (UEM 9, Appvol 2.9, Horizon 7)



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