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    Failed to activate VSAN on VMkernel

    Trobinox Novice

      Hi all


      I'm setting up vSAN in my own lab. I have 2 servers: 1 HP DL380 G7 and one G6. (I know that maybe not all components are on the HCL) but:


      I was able to activate vSAN Traffic on vmk1 on the G7 server but if I enable it on the G6 server I only get a general system error during the refresh of the vsan configuration. I'm looking at vmkernel log and some vSAN logs, but I didn't get it out what's the problem.


      ESXi Version is 6.5.


      If someone has any ideas, let me know.


      Thank you


      Update 1:
      I'm able to activate all other services like vMotion, management, FT, etc. only vSAN fails.


      Update 2:

      Error Message:


      Task: Update Vsan

      Target: ha-host

      Initiator: VC Internal


      Key: haTask--vim.host.VsanSystem.update-158810592

      Description: Updates the Virtual SAN configuration for this host

      State: Failed  - A general system error occurred:

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