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    The future of vRealize Configuration Manager?

    Forsbring Novice



      I would like to do a POC of vRealize Configuration Manager, but in addition

      to the missing appliance version of it, I have a general concern regarding its

      future. Will it be developed further, or is it a product that is not used widely

      enough by the customers and therefore will be discontinued by VMware?


      Anyone with some information?



      - Werner

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          jomccon Enthusiast

          I think the lack of an answer from a VMWare employee answers your question.

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            kwg66 Enthusiast

            I realize this is old post but since I'm looking for details on this now I figured I would reply..


            End of support for this product shows 6/30/2020...  it has been shifted around and added into different bundles on more than 1 occasion... 


            See here:



            The current version of vRealize Operations, version 6.7, is the last release that will bundle vRealize Configuration Manager.

            • vRealize Operations Enterprise customers upgrading to versions 7.0 will continue to be entitled to vRealize Configuration Manager for their existing footprint. The vRealize Configuration Manager fulfillment for existing customers may take place later in the same quarter.
            • vRealize Operations Advanced customers upgrading to versions 7.0 will no longer be entitled to vRealize Configurations Manager. If you use vRealize Configuration Manager today, you can continue to use versions up to 5.8.4, as packaged with vRealize Operations 6.7.


            But look as this statement that follows:


            The latest release of vRealize Operations now has configuration and compliance capabilities for vSphere including vSphere hardening and vSphere change, configurations and regulatory compliance (DISA, FISMA, ISO, CIS, PCI, HIPAA) management.


            I'm guessing that the functionality is now being bundled with vRealize Operations in a new way so the standalone product is going away completely in favor of this expensive bundle..  I actually opened another post not long ago looking for this info but nobody has replied to it yet..  but I think it is safe to assume this is the answer to the question we both have.. 

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              daphnissov Guru
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              It's a combination of things, as I understand it. Yes, some of this functionality is being subsumed into vROps, but the rest of it is up to the user to solve with config management and auditing applications.