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    Practicing topics outside HOL Guide

    rajeshck Lurker



      I have few general questions


      1. Is it ok to practice tasks or features not listed in HOL manuals? for example , HOL-1703-SDC-1 , can we delete all the deployed controllers and re-deploy ? or can we add few extra VMs for testing, so related features
      2. I wish to create some educational videos for vmware technologies while doing the HOL labs and publish in youtube or similar sites to giveback to the community, which will be helpful for knowledge seekers. by doing that am i violating any kind of VMWARE copyrights ? is it ok to record and publish HOL labs ?




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          DougBaer Master
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          Hi Rajesh,


          As for #1, you can go "off script" in the lab environment, but you only have available to you what is in the lab, so if you remove something that requires an OVA or media to reload it, you may be unable to do so. If you clone existing VMs, and there is enough space in the lab environment to store and run them, that is something that you can do. The lab environments have no external connectivity, so there is no ability to add to what is already there.


          As for #2, I do not believe there is any specific issue except that the licensing in our labs would prohibit any for-profit use. I am no lawyer, but if you are posting your videos for free to benefit the community, I believe that would be OK, or at least in the spirit of what we are doing with the labs.