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    VRMS solution user is missing

    LabanM Lurker

      My remote Replication appliance is showing Enabled(Configuration issue) when I hover over it I see the message: "The VRMS Solution user is missing or outdated. Visit the vSphere Replication VAMI and reconfigure the appliance". When I go to configure the appliance everything looks ok. Can't find much on vmware kb on this, anyone know what this means?

      I rebooted the replication appliance and it went to Enabled (Ok) for awhile but then went back to "configuration error"

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          Tarqy Novice

          I've just had the same error and have managed to resolve the problem.


          It appears that self signed certs for the vRA are only generated for 1 year. (Dear VMware change the default to 10 years please )


          To resolve the issue simply login to the vRA at each site access the configuration tab, input the password and then click the Generate and Install button under Install a new SSL Certificate.


          This will generate a new self signed certificate and restart the VRM service. I had to use Firefox for this as Chrome would just hang.


          vCenter all happy and can monitor/manage replication again.

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            Ganeshpal Enthusiast

            Thanks targy,

            very helpful.




            Ganeshprasad Pal