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    VSM 1.5 Not connecting - Stays Reading depot for first time...for hours!

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      Alan Shih & Smitha,I am unable to connect to the depot on a new installation on Windows 10 with the latest VSM 1.5.  I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling numerous times without success.  It appears to be stuck reading the depot for the first time and it stays on this screen for hours.  I have left it running for almost a full 24 hours and still unable to connect.  If I quit the VSM and relaunch, then it corrupts the VSM and it begins a "Re-Reading of the software depot" or errors and displays "Loading depot data" with a red X and still does not connect.  I checked the logs and it is very similar to the following thread https://communities.vmware.com/message/2628926#2628926.  This is still unresolved in my opinion.  Please assist.  I have attached my log output as well.



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