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    How to wait a task after cloning VM with VMWare.vim.dll ?

    AlexBreu Lurker

      Hello everybody,


      I work on a web interface which manage virtual machines on vsphere Esx 5.5. My interface is based on .net web forms (not MVC)

      I followed jeffpaton posts (using VMware.Vim  ) which helped me (Thanks to you, Jeff).


      But now i freeze on this subject. I do not know how to wait a task after cloning VM. I develop a little web page which launch vsphere command to my vsphere Esc with vmware.vim. I need to know when vpshere is finished his work to launch an another instruction.


      I try to use PropertyCollector but i do not know how to use it :

      i read this post but without success :

      Synchronous versus Asynchronous Calls in vSphere API | DoubleCloud => Private Cloud + Public Cloud

      What is the best way to wait for a Task in a concurrent environment?


      Here is my code. i use jeffpaton functions.



      using VMware.Vim;


      VimClient client;

      string serverUrl = "..."

      client.Connect("https://" + serverUrl + "/sdk");

      client.Login(userLogin, userPassword);




      ManagedObjectReference cloneTask_MoRef = null;

      cloneTask_MoRef = sourceVm.cloneVM_Task(sourceVm.Parent, "cloneName", mySpec);

      if (cloneTask_MoRef == null) {




                PropertyCollector pc = new PropertyCollector(client, cloneTask_MoRef);

                //1 PropertyFilterSpec [] pfs;


                ObjectSpec objectSpec = new ObjectSpec();



                //What could i do to know if the task is over or in progress ? :-(


      I need some help.


      Thanks for all.                                                          

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          petermie Novice

          I know this is super old, and hopefully you have since figured it out but I also struggled with this. At first I wrote the following function and called it in a loop to get status but I ended up ultimately moving away from cloneVM_Task to just cloneVM as it waits so I didn't have to worry about the looping function calls.


          protected bool isTaskRunning(VimClient vimClient, ManagedObjectReference taskMoRef)




                          Task task = (Task)vimClient.GetView(taskMoRef, null);

                          if (task != null)


                              TaskInfo itmTaskInfo = task.Info;

                              if (itmTaskInfo.State == TaskInfoState.running)

                              { return true; }

                              else { return false; }




                              return false;



                      catch(Exception e)


                         //errorMessage is a property of my class that I can check for errors on a return of false

                          errorMessage = e.Message.ToString();

                          return false;



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