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    White screen in thinapp of Firefox, thinapp not working - Firefox version 50 and higher

    jousma Novice

      Hi everyone,

      we're experiencing another problem with the thinapp of Firefox; since Mozilla Firefox 50.x, the thinapp the packaged application only shows a white screen, even without the menubar.


      We've seen this problem in Firefox versions 50.0.2, 50.1.0, 51.0 and 51.0.1.

      Thinapps of Firefox versions 49.0.2 and lower, work fine.


      We've tried:
      - 32b Firefox
      - 64b Firefox
      - Thinapp 5.2.2
      - Thinapp 5.1.0
      - base image (only OS)
      - production image
      - and all combinations of the above


      Our OS is Windows 7 (Enterprise N), SP1, 64b.


      As a build option in the package.ini, necessarry since Firefox version 49.x, we added


      We ran LogMonitor but couldn't identify the problem.


      Does anyone encounter the same issues?
      And if so, and when solved, what was the solution to the problem?


      I attached a printscreen of the empty/white firefox screen and the LogMonitor-file.

      Does anyone have an idea to the solution?


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