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    What happens to existing settings when a Host Profile is applied?

    CopperBlue68 Lurker



      I am looking to apply a minimal subset of settings across a large number of servers and think host profiles is way to go.


      I need to ensure NTP, Syslog, AD auth etc are the same across all servers and am thinking of the following basic strategy:

      - Change settings on one host

      - Use this host as the basis for generating a master profile

      - Right click on the profile, select 'Enable/Disable Profile Configuration' option and deselect anything not related to NTP, Syslog etc, ie remove about 99% of the options such as networking and storage

      - Put other hosts into maintenance mode and apply the profile.


      My question is this: What happens to all the network, storage settings etc on the other hosts? Are they left in place and just the NTP and Syslog settings changed? I don't want to change the underlying setup of the other servers.


      Any advice appreciated.


      Many thanks.