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    Help With VmSickbay Boot Disc- Found Lost Datastore using UFSProfessional How do i export my data off SCSI DRiVE A

    mickdubs Lurker

      So i used the trail of UFS Professional Emergency Boot Disc and i was able to browse and find my datastore that was damaged to to permanently missing extent.


      Anyway im looking for some direction on how i could use VMSickbay MOA bootable image to mount the vmfs volume on "SCSI device A 1.40 TB DELL PERC 6/i  ..




      Any help is greatly appreciated as Vmware tech support couldn't figure it out. I know i could probably recover the datastore by modifying some hex values based on numerous articles ive read about "missing extents" however i would be more than happy if i can copy my lost datastore's data to another location.


      i have the bootcd found here loaded just not sure what to do with it


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