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    OpenGL Version 3.x?

    nschade Lurker

      I'm running Fusion 8.5.3 on a MacBook Pro, Intel Core i7, macOS 10.12.2, to use WindowsXP

      I'm attempting to run an application which throws the error shown below. It is saying it needs OpenGL v3.x and says I have OpenGL v1.1. I thought Fusion 8 should have OpenGL v3.x

      Am I missing something?


      This is a cross post from another sub-forum that was probably incorrect.

      Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 7.25.52 PM.png

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          There's a list of things that has to be correct before it works.


          For DirectX 10 or OpenGL 3.3 support in a virtual machine:

          Host OS:

             macOS 10.10 or greater 


             Intel: HD4000 or newer Nvidia: 650M or newer AMD: HD 5770 or newer 

          Virtual Hardware set to version 12

          VMware Tools updated to the latest

          VMware Workstation 12.x or Fusion 8.x


          In addition to all that I am not so sure that the drivers for Windows XP have been updated to include openGL 3.3 support, my suspicion is that you need at least Windows 7.

          But I'll happily be proven wrong in that suspicion.



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            XP peaks at OpenGL 2.1, we do not have support for OpenGL 3.x in XP.

            DirectX also caps at DX9 for XP.