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    remove "inaccessable" datastore from VCenter appliance inventory.

    MikeOD Enthusiast

      I am trying to find out how to remove two datastores marked “inaccessible” from the VCenter appliance version 6.0update2


      We have two datacenters, each with it’s own VCenter appliance.  We had a host in one VCenter that had access to two datastores attached over fiber channel.  That host was imported into the second VCenter using the "add host", so it wasn’t properly removed from the first VCenter.


      The result is that there are two datastores in the first vcenter that have no hosts associated with them.  They’re showing as “inaccessible” and are grayed out.  Most the functions such as “delete” “unmount”, etc. are also grayed out.


      Is there any easy, safe way to remove them?  I did some searching and all I seemed to find were references to NFS datastores, and/or modifying the database on a Windows based VCenter.  I found articles about removing a datastore from a host, but in this case there are no hosts attached to this datastore. 


      I'm looking for something like the "remove from inventory" option that exists for hosts


      Mike O.