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    Best way to backup ?

    VinnyB007 Lurker



      So here's the setup :


      1 x vcenter

      2 x ESXi


      Very small setup. Not a lot of VM (it's a lab). Now we need to backup VM from time to time but the boss doesn't want to pay.


      So I looking for a tool that :


      1- Can do backup of VM while they are running (a tool that create a snapshot for application-consistency ?)

      2- Don't need file recovery inside vm. Just need a tool that makes a backup of vmx, vmdk, etc.. and dump it in a folder (so I can backup this backup offsite)

      3- can connect to vcenter

      4- can schedule backup

      5- free


      I tried like 10 apps and it seems none of them can do all of this (most of the time free version of apps can't schedule backup)


      VDP was easy to setup but the backup are stored within vmdk of VDP which I found to be a pain in the .... There must be a tool that juste backup to a simple folder.


      thank you !