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    Vmware vsphere 6.0 migrate from Embedded PSC to Load balanced external PSC

    duswin Lurker

      Hi everyone,


      Thanks for taking the time to look at my question. We recently used the VMware upgrade migration tool to upgrade from vCenter 5.5 running on Windows to a VCSA on 6.0u2 with a certificate signed by our internal CA. The appliance has an embedded PSC. Our organization currently has a fairly robust F5 environment, and I'm trying to figure out the steps to migrate from our current configuration to a pair of PSCs sitting behind a load balancer. Does anyone have a good handle on what the steps in this process are? From what I've been able to gather browsing KB's, I think the steps are:


      - Install a new PSC as a replication partner of the embedded PSC

      - Repoint from embedded PSC to external PSC


      - Do I need to do something at this point to decommission the old embedded PSC components?

      - Install a new PSC as a replication partner of the external PSC

      - F5 magic (I'm not too concerned about this part yet. Our networking team does a good job managing the F5 environment)

      - Repoint from external PSC to PSC load balancer.


      Is this the right path? If anyone has any advice or experience they can share, it would be much appreciated.