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    Photon Controller/Kubernetes - Workers fail to deploy

    zdurham Lurker

      Hello everyone. I've recently jumped into Photon and am having a bit of a problem getting Kubernetes clusters to deploy. I am using Nested ESX in the following structure:


      Outer Host 1 (vCenter member)

          --> photon-controller vm

          --> Inner (nested) esx host vm

      Outer Host 2 (vCenter member)

          --> Inner (nested) esx host vm


      From the photon-controller vm, I can deploy etcd and the master to the inner hosts without issue. However, when the worker nodes deploy, they don't seem to properly obtain a DHCP lease and therefore never finish provisioning. As a test, if I enable an upstream DHCP service the workers will obtain an IP address. So this leads me to believe that the problem is in the DHCP service offered by the controller during deployment.


      Can someone point me in the right direction what needs to happen for the photon-controller to properly provision the workers? I've beaten my head against the desk the last 3 days and read through all the documentation I could find at least 5 times.


      Thanks in advance.





      Outer ESX hosts: 6.0u2

      Inner ESX hosts: 6.0u2

      photon-controller: deployed frominstaller-vm-1.1.0-5de1cb7.ova

      kubernetes image: 1.4.3-pc-1.1.0-5de1cb7.ova