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    Connected external hard drives don't show up in Windows 7 VM

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      I've been trying to connect my two external hard drive to my VM running Windows 7. However, none of the two shows up in Windows. I tried to reinstall VMWare Tools as well as updating USB driver (followed the instruction here: A connected USB storage device is not displayed in a Windows virtual machine (1004584) | VMware KB), but nothing worked.


      What is happening here and how can I get my drives to work in Windows VM?



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          You mention Windows 7, but not what type of external disks you are trying to connect.

          If they are USB3 then that matters.


          Unfortunately Windows 7 itself does not come with USB3 support (this is sometimes referenced as windows 7 not having an inbox driver for USB3).


          In order to use a USB3 device under VMware Fusion you have the following options:


          - Use an operating system with USB3 support (eg. Windows 8.x or similar)


          - Use a USB2 hub or USB2 cable between your computer and the USB3 device you want to use to downgrade the USB3 interface to USB2


          - Connect to a USB2 connector on your computer if your computer provides such a connector.


          - You can try setting the USB compatibility under menu Virtual Machine -> Settings -> USB & Bluetooth -> Advanced -> Compatibility -> USB2


          Starting with VMware Fusion 8 your Windows 7 guests can have USB3 support, but you will have to install an additional driver.


          Have a look at the following KB article for the details: http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2128105




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