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    Uploads to vCenter Content Libraries fail after 4GB transferred

    DynaPM Lurker

      Using vSphere 6.5 I attempted to upload several files to content libraries and found that files <4GB work OK (e.g. RHEL 7.3 install ISO that is 3.53GB), but files that are >4GB (e.g. Windows Server 2012 R2 install ISO that is 4.22GB or Windows Server 2016 install that is 4.95GB) start to transfer but fail after transferring 4GB with a "General System Error" - see attached screenshot. I figured out how much was transferred by the % shown on the transfer progress bar, since the partially transferred file is automatically deleted by vCenter after the failure.


      This is reproducible across 2 different vCenter 6.5 servers and across multiple ISO & OVF files.  Files are coming from local disk on the Windows Server 2012 R2-based vCenter server via Browse and the destination is its local datastore.


      The error message implies certificate issues, but I believe that certificates are correctly installed. And if it were certificate issues, why would the RHEL ISO (<4GB) upload work OK.


      I have been pulling my hair out for several days over this. Any ideas?