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    PSOD after esxi hardware upgrade

    joko1982 Lurker

      I have this problem from esxi version 6.0 to 6.5 on new esxi


      vm's did run good on my old esxi with i5 processor. i make an ovf and imported on new machine

      now upgraded the hardware to amd fx processor


      sometimes 10 minutes and sometimes 6 hours before PSOD


      i tried :

      - change processor settings from 4 to 1

      - change vmxnet3 to e1000 and e1000e

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          ArjunDooti Enthusiast



          Help me with the exact Make and  model of HW and Processor information.


          Thanks & Regards

          Arjun Dooti

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            joko1982 Lurker

            i got as system board asrock 970 pro3 r2.0 with bios 2.80

            amd fx 8320 not overclocked

            16 gb non ecc ram 2400

            1x samsung Evo 250gb ssd

            1x crucial m500 480gb ssd

            4x wd green 2tb hdd

            intel pro ct gigabit adapter


            the disks where also in the old esxi machine in the new esxi I reformatted al disks

            esxi installed on Samsung ssd


            i run 4x vm with all 2gb ram and 4x cpu

            1x win 10

            3x server 2012

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              Nemchik Lurker

              I'm thinking about getting the ASRock 970 Pro3 R2.0. The board I currently have (Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3) doesn't support PCI passthrough, and I also can't see any hardware information from within VMware 6.5 on either the System sensors or Storage pages.


              Can you confirm if you're able to see hardware info in VMware?


              Also are you able to do PCI passthrough?


              Also I have an amd fx 8350, but I see a warning on pcpartpicker that I might have to use a different cpu in order to flash a bios to a 970 board so that it will support my CPU, can you comment on whether your board supported your CPU out of the box or if you had to use another CPU to flash a different BIOS version?

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                Jitu211003 Hot Shot

                Hi Joko,


                Try running ESXi image again on new machine and use ugprade option rather than fresh installation. This will surely upgrade the CPU drivers according to hardware change.


                Let us know the result once you done.




                If it resolves your issue, mark it resolved else helpful.