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    Cut/Copy intermittently not working

    michaeljf Novice

      Environment details:

      Workstation: 12.5.2 (but also reproduced on earlier versions including 11 and 10).

      Host: Windows 2008R2

      Failing guest:  ANY (Windows, Linux, etc).


      Intermittently, I am unable to cut/copy from some guests to another or the host.  It seems to most often occur when a guest has been paused then resumed.  Once resumed, attempting to copy from that guest and pasting into another guest (or host) fails.  Strangely though, if I copy from a working guest or the host and paste into the failing guest it works.  I am just unable to take away clipboard data.  So the problem seems to be specific to just CUT and COPY


      It seems like the only solution once in this state is to restart the failing guest.  This, unfortunately is an unacceptable solution.



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          wila Guru
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          The copy&paste intermittently failing is usually to do with the vmtoolsd daemon not running (for whatever reason).

          I do see that on one of my VMs every now and then and in that case instead of restarting the VM I first kill the vmtoolsd process that runs under my own user and then run a little batch file.

          It has this contents:


             "C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Tools\vmtoolsd.exe" -n vmusr 


          It gets stuck on running.. which is fine (you can kill the stuck dos screen ) there should again be a vmtoolsd process running under your user account.

          In my case I always get copy&paste back after that workaround.


          I have it setup via a shortcut so that I can just click it.


          Not ideal, but better than rebooting the guest.




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