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    Vmware Horizon View 7.0.3 - Linked clone - Persistent mode - Persona management - Windows 10 (1607) - -> Windows 10 Start Menu doesn't work (not appears on click)

    danidani Lurker


      3 weeks ago i upraded my Horizon View infrastructure from 7.0.2 to 7.0.3

      We have several desktop pool with Windows 7 and now an other one for testing Windows 10 (1607)

      We have a problem with the Windows 10 Start menu (it doesn't appears when we click on it) not always but often.

      This problem seems to be known with Windows 10 without considering virtualization

      Our goldimage was optimized with VMware OSOT, and other standard recommandations like we made it with Windows 7.

      We use linked clone in non-persistent mode with Vmware Persona. (share cifs on NAS,)
      Since 2 years, everything works fine with Windows 7, all dedicated GPOs for Vmware View 7.0.3 are updated for the dedicated OU for W10 pool desktop.

      In the last ticket (closed now), Support said us this problem will be fixed in the next release (7.0.3) but the problem is still there.


      I just recreate a SR to VMware support,


      Any idea ?


      Your help, feedback or experience would be appreciated


      Best regards



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