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    vRealize Code Stream 2.2.0 is now Generally Available !

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      VMware is happy to announce the general availability of vRealize Code Stream 2.2.0 as of Jan 1, 2017.

      This release of vRealize Code Stream enhances platform capabilities. It extends Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to pipeline templates, offers the ability to resume a failed pipeline execution from the point of failure, and provides support for integrating with remote jFrog Artifactory instances. It also introduces a Plug-in SDK to build custom plug-ins for vRealize Code Stream.

      Resume from Failure

      This feature adds the ability to resume failed pipeline executions from the point of failure onward. Failures can occur because of transient issues such as a network outage or an issue with an external system. When you resume a pipeline after correcting the underlying issue for a failed task, the pipeline keeps the context of all previously executed tasks intact and allows the same pipeline execution to resume.

      Role-Based Access Control on Pipelines

      The roles of Release Manager and Release Engineer are now extended to individual pipeline templates. You can optionally assign permissions on pipeline templates to restrict specific sets of users or groups to modify and trigger the pipeline templates.

      Remote Artifactory Integration

      Support for integration with multiple remote Artifactory instances v4.7.7 or later, which allows teams to directly integrate vRealize Code Stream with their existing Artifactory instances.

      Plug-in SDK

      Building plug-ins is now possible through the Plug-in SDK that is available from VMware. The Plug-in SDK provides all the necessary components that you need, including examples, documentation, and the build and packaging tools to allow you to build native plug-ins for Code Stream.


      For more details, please check the release notes.

      Request for evaluation copies from the vRealize Code Stream product page