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    New datacenter best practice

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      Hi all,

      First, apologize for the poor grammar..

      So recently we are planning to move to new datacenter, we acquired vsphere enterprise plus with vsom edition and I don't have any prior experience using all the enterprises features like distributed switch, NIOC, LBT, etc2.. We plan to move in the next few months and now I'm in process of gathering information how to setup everything.

      This is our setup:

      4x Dell R630 server with 2x Dual 10gb port QLogic 57810 and 4x 1gb connection

      Pure storage with iSCSI configuration

      Use the dependent hardware iscsi

      vsphere edition 6.5 (the web client is so hard to navigate compared to thick client)

      vcenter appliance

      And after reading the knowledgebase, the best practice whitepaper and other resource at the internet, I got confuse what is the best setup for my new datacenter because there are many ways configuring it, this is my questions:

      1. Should I create 2 distributed switch for IP storage and vmnetwork, vmotion, management or just combine all in 1 distributed switch?
      2. Should I use different subnet for each vmkernel of the IP storage?
      3. Should I do 4NIC teaming for all traffics or 2NIC teaming for storage and 2NIC teaming for other traffics?
      4. How can I achieve attached image config for iscsi since 2 uplinks are not compliant for port binding?
      5. I'm already using all flash array, should I still use the flash read cache and host swap cache?
      6. Anyone using LACP instead of the LBT?


      Thank you!