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    HA Simulator

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      I know it was only a fling, but anyone have any insight into the HA Simulator?  By their own admission, it only worked for vSphere 5.x, but I'm betting people interested in the simulator are all on 6.x by now.  I'm guessing the log format changed.  Any chances it will be updated?


      I ask since we've discovered that vSphere's slot calculator is not doing a good job (it includes VMs that are excluded from HA ) so we want to play with the simulator to test our manually calculated settings.  Not sure if it'll help, but never hurts to try.

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          Some of the functionality of the simulator is included in vSphere 6.5. I don't expect we will see support for 6.x for this fling. Effort is being now put in extending the functionality of vSphere HA itself.