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    PowerCLI and PowerShell Scripting questions.

    ZoltanSzabo Lurker


      I'm very new to PowerCLI and PowerShell.

      I am currently working with ESXi and vSpehere, and i must say, it is awesome!

      I have heard and read that you can do awesome stuff with powershell powerCLI scripting. I wish to learn it.

      Does anyone know were could i find such tutorials for "powershell scripting for esxi".

      Or should i first start with windows powershell scripting, to learn the basics, and only after that to move on to powercli? And what exactly should i learn from powershell?

      Also, is there a way stress the ESXi host? ..like CPU stress, Memory stress?


      Sorry for the all the questions, i am very excited about all of this.


      Thank you in advance.


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          I would suggest to start learning PowerShell and PowerCLI at the same time.

          What I find a good approach is to set yourself an easy target to start with.

          For example, generate a report with information from your environment.

          This can be for one resource (HostSystem, VirtualMachine, Datastore...) or a combination of these.

          Doing practical things is imho the most usefull way to learn, and remember, something.


          There are a number of PowerShell and PowerCLI books available.

          Most of these are quite good, but note that the books do not always address the same audience (beginner, intermediate, expert)


          There are a lot of sites available that link to learning resources.

          I find these two quite amazing and useful; PowerShell study guide – core concepts and PowerCLI study guide – core concepts

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