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    App Volumes 2.11 Writable Volumes UIA+Profile breaks some applications in Appstack and/or installed on base image

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      I am having this issue when I'm using the App Volumes 2.11 Writable Volumes UIA+profile version. There are two problematic applications in question: Atlassian HipChat, VMware vSphere Client (legacy client), and Atlassian Sourcetree. The Atlassian HipChat is installed on the base image itself, and the vSphere Client and Sourcetree is presented as an appstack. When a user logs in with his Writable Volumes UIA+Profile the first time, all of these applications will launch properly. However, the second time when the user launches, it gives an error message saying the application can't be started. Investigating it, I found that right after exiting the program, the .exe file of those applications gets somehow corrupted and becomes a 0KB exe file that gets captured by the writable volume. Consequently, until I manually remove the exe file from the writable volumes, the user is faced with a broken application, appstack-based or not. And even after removing it, the cycle repeats...


      Anyone else have this problem? I am using Windows 10 Enterprise build 1511. I can't try out App Volumes 2.12 because the App Volumes team, for some reason, decided to remove support for Windows 10 build 1511 without any explanation, and I have no idea why that would be. I have no immediate plans to try out build 1607, LTSB or CBB.