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    VM folder name shows up as UUID name on vSandatastore

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      I have a vSAN which have some strange problems.


      All the VM´s folders on the vSanDatastore shows up as folder withs the VM´s UUID in addition to the VM name. This means that if you browse the datastore you will see two folders for each VM.  One with the VM name followed by a folder with the long UUID. The contents on double folder are the same for each VM. There seems to be som symblic links to the same content.


      If you look at the settings for all the VM´s, the disk settings on the VM´s points to vSANdatastore\(VM´s UUID\vmname.vmx instead of vSandatastore\vmname\vmname.vmx


      This applies even on newly deployed VM´s. There is one NFS datastore attached to the ESXi cluster. I tried to storage vmotion one VM to the NFS store and back to vsan to see if it could solve the naming problem, but it ended up with the same double UUID and VM name folder.


      Has anyone else experienced this?


      When depoying the cluster we ran in to a network isolation where all the hosts ended up as masters in the vSAN cluster. At that time we turned off all the hosts and started them one by one. Then the cluster started correctly with one Master, Guest and agents. At this time we started having the problem with the VM´s showing the UUID has their homefolder on the vsandatastore instead of the VM name.


      This problems still occurs when we deploy new VM´s. They end up with a folder with the UUID and a folder with The VM name. Hard disk on the VM´s points to vsandatasor\uuid\vmname.vmx