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    build the new virtual appliance based on CentOS7 failed

    liuqiong Lurker

      Hi all:

      I want to create the new virtual appliance based on CentOS 7, but when I build it, it fails

      The error message as below image:

      The transient VM network address could not be discovered.

      Here are some possible reasons for the failure:

      - The VM failed to obtain a network address if it is configured to run on a DHCP network;

      - The VM ran on a network that could not communicate with the Studio;

      - The VM failed to report its network address to Studio through its web server (port 80)



      The ESXi IP address is IP).

      The VMware studio IP address is I also try to set the VMware studio IP address to IP), but it still failed.

      This is my network configure


      I set the platform to ESX/ESXi 5.0 in the Build Settings, There are only one network : VM network



      So, My Build settting is as below image, I also try to change the Network Label from "VM Network" to "Management Network", it still failed


      I have no idea why the built failed??



      I also try to set the virtualization Platform to "VMware vCenter 5.0",My vcenter server IP address is

      I choose the "Storage" to "esxidata". the "esxidata" is the QNAP NAS storage



      But the build failed  also

      20/12/2016 10:43:43 [warn] Unable to upload /opt/vmware/www/build/WinpowerAppliance.1/ to the esxidata datastore.

      20/12/2016 10:43:43 [warn]

      %3 %7 %11 %15 %19 %23 %26 %30 %34 %38 %42 Failure: (55, 'SSL read: error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0), errno 104')

      20/12/2016 10:43:43 [error] Encountered a fatal build error!



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          dhbtemp Novice


          I'm using vmware studio to build centos7 too.And I met the same problem.


          have you fixed this problem? if you fixed this problem,can you tell me how to fix this?


          Thank you

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            vdp4life Novice

            Looks like you got father than most.

            I just tried to make a simple install. As the VM is building it just seems to crash. My guess is that iso that is made by vmware studio to kick off the install is not good. It uses it's own grub vmdk which is probably all the legacy grub vs grub2. 

            In the debug log you can see

            Archive: /opt/vmware/share/build/vmdk/grubvmdk.zip 

            inflating: grub.vmdk  

            inflating: grub-flat.vmdk  

            which is used to create the provstart iso. I think we are doomed from there. 
            Archive: /opt/vmware/share/build/vmdk/grubvmdk.zip 
            inflating: grub.vmdk  
            inflating: grub-flat.vmdk  
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              vdp4life Novice

              Been a while but like they say, better late than never. I was able to build an image of centos7 on vmware studio. I'm trying to figure out if its really worth the effort.


              The ui itself does not let you modify alot of the things you need you need to get the image working. For example if you open up the xml file for the profile, you would need to modify the cmd line passed down on boot so the new centos installer even starts up. Here is an example how I modified my setup.




              Once you actually boot into the installler, it will complain about the kickstart file. This is because the old format wont work with centos7. It will complain it's missing %end where %pres are used. I ended up modifying it on the fly so I can get a successful template off the ground.


              Anyway, I hope this helps someone else. It was a pain but it can get done.