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    Possible Bug: ESXi 6.5 CLI Shell configuring --failback=true doen't match the output created in the ESXi web console. Odd!

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      ESX Shell command:  (Look at --failback boolean)

      esxcli network vswitch standard policy failover set --vswitch-name=vCopperSwitch --active-uplinks=vmnic2,vmnic3 --notify-switches=true --failback=true



      ESX WEB Console:

      1) Go to Networking

      2) Select the tab on the right for Virtual Switches

      3) Highlight the newly created vCopperSwitch

      4) Edit the Settings for vCopperSwitch

      5) Expand the accordion for NIC teaming

      Now note the Failback Setting as viewed in the Web Browser Console for ESXi

      The value shows: Failback = No

      Example photo attached:


      Google ChromeScreenSnapz003.png



      My question/issue: Is the command line boolean not suppose to match the boolean value of the web console?



      Which option is correct for the original link once backonline to resume processing traffic?