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    VM HA failover?

    NNSD Lurker

      Good morning everybody.

      I have limited skills in VMware and need your help for one issue I'm facing for 3 days now.

      I have one VM in a HA cluster that shut down itself at a particular time. We can see in the event of the VM that there is a HA failover attempt to power it on; but it fails and the VM remains down until we restart it manually.

      I have three things I don't understand:

      -- What causes the VM shutdown?

      -- Why does HA try to power it on as the host and the other VMs are all fine? In my understanding, HA only deals with Host failure and not VM's.

      -- If HA is supposed to restart shutdown VM, why does it fail to do so?


      Thank you for your replies.

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          yunya09 Enthusiast

          You should read this reference to understand How vSphere HA Works:  vSphere 6.0 Documentation Center

          To aviod  one VM in a HA cluster that shut down itself : configure you cluster  disable VM Monitoring  

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            Miquel_A Lurker



            As it has been said check if you have vm monitoring enabled on the Cluster, but also I recommend to check the logs of the machine, you can find them by ssh to the host, browse to the datastore where the VM is hosted and check the log files named vmware.log, they have quite good useful information. It can help you as well to read the fdm log files , which saves all the operations and logs regarding HA, go to /var/log/fdm.log on the hosts where the vm is hosted.


            Hope this can help!