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    vMotion without shared storage - undocumented limitations

    dtsmith62 Novice

      Like a lot of people we have successfully used Enhanced vMotion or vMotion without shared storage in multiple vBlock and VSPEX hardware refreshes.  Our customer has come to expect the ability to move workloads around with no shared storage requirement and we have done many hundreds.  It's the greatest.


      Just realized a limitation though that I cannot find in the documentation.

      Requirements and Limitations for vMotion Without Shared Storage


      One cannot select a datastore cluster for the destination, you have to choose a datastore.  If you go through the wizard choosing "Select compute resource first" then when you get to the storage selection you are presented with datastores only, no datastore clusters.  This is even with SDRS enabled in fully automated mode.  If you go through the wizard choosing "Select storage resource first", you are immediately presented with a message "Datastore clusters cannot be selected when migrating storage and compute resources for powered-on virtual machines. Select a datastore."


      We've just never questioned this but I'm curious as to why this limitation would exist.


      Anyway if you know any more about this or have any comments feel free.


      ESXi 6.0 Update 2