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    vRA/vRO 7 - Get the custom properties values

    wllp Novice

      I am trying to update the VM hostname and created a few property definition and added them into the property group.


      Within the property group, I have created:


      • Extensibility.Lifecycle.Properties.VMPSMasterWorkflow32.BuildingMachine
      • Extensibility.Lifecycle.Properties.VMPSMasterWorkflow32.Request


      Both have the values __*,*


      The property group is added to the blueprint and I have also created the new Event Subscriptions with the following setup:


      • Select "Machine Provisioning" topic
      • Added the following conditions
          • Data > Lifecycle state name EQUALS VMPSMasterWorkflow32.BuildingMachine
          • Data > Lifecycle state phase EQUALS PRE
          • Data > Machine > Machine Type EQUALS Virtual Machine



      In the vRO workflow scripting, I am passing the "Payload" as Properties into the workflow


      I am able to retrieve the machine ID

      var machine = payload.get("machine");

      machineId = machine.get("Id"); // Value is returned


      var machineProperties = machine.get('properties'); // Getting NULL when retrieving the properties


      The machineProperties is returning NULL and I am not able to proceed further to retrieve the property definition that I have specified.


      Am I missing anything? Please help! Thanks.