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    Windows 2016 failover cluster on ESXi 6.0

    TylerDurden77 Enthusiast



      I'm trying to setup a new windows 2016 failover cluster but when I validate my cluster i get some errors/warnings.


      ESXi 6.0u2

      RDMs (3par 7000)

      Windows 2016 VMs


      Error/Warning message :

      List Disks To Be Validated

      Physical disk {704dbde3-bc68-4c46-a49a-d428c2ef58cd} does not have the inquiry data (SCSI page 83h VPD descriptor) that is required by failover clustering.


      Really don't understand what this means... right now I have only exported the Quorom disk to my VMs.

      Except for the error message everything seems to be fine..


      Any advise?  Is this something I can ignore and continue to export RDMs to my newly created failover cluster?