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    EFI pxe boot :  Is there a way to chainload bootx64.efi from a syslinux.efi network boot loader ?

    mahantesh2812hugar Lurker

      Hi There ,


      I am trying  to pxe boot my server in UEFI mode  . My DHCP server points to the syslinux.efi [bootloader] .

      The server loads this boot loader and then i point to the kernel and initrd images in "default" file in pxelinux.cfg  dir" to boot the server.

      This works perfectly well for all linux flavors . For ESX i am  trying to chain load the ESX bootx64.efi file from the  base syslinux.efi

      using chain.c32



      default esx:6.5

      timeout 60

      prompt 1

      #display boot.msg

      display boot.msg


      LABEL esx:6.5

        KERNEL chain.c32     ---- >  this the boot loader from the ESX  install media efi/boot/bootx64.efi

      but looks like chain.c32 is not able to chain load to the esx  boot loader .

      Anybody has a solution for this ?

      I dont want to directly point to the esx bootx64.efi from the dhcp server  .