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    Moving Vcenter to new hardware

    pdrace Expert

      I am in the process of migrating virtual servers from one cluster to another. The old cluster has AMD CPUs and the new Intel.

      The question I have is in reference to moving the Vcenter server.


      I found this KB article that describes the method which is what I expected.


      Moving a virtualized vCenter Server virtual machine between ESXi/ESX hosts with different processor types (2058684) | VM…


      There is a note in the article which states: Note: If you are running vCenter Server 5.1 and Single Sign-On (SSO) is on the virtual machine, then moving to another ESXi/ESX host with different hardware may impact SSO. For more information, see After making a change or restarting Single Sign On server system, vCenter Server 5.1.x fails to start (2036170).


      The Vcenter I'm going to move is 5.5 and the PSC is on the same host.

      Do I need to be concerned with this issue?

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          RAJ_RAJ Expert

          Hi ,


          You can power off the VC vm from esxi host (AMD ) , remove   and  register the same vm to new (Intel host )   .


          if PSC is embedded one so it should work  , you may clone the VM and test this / or create new vc for testing and do same . 


          * ESXi host should have share data store / storage

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