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    VRA 7.1 What is the JSON content to request multiple instances in a deployment

    gmjmalone Lurker



      Apologies if I am asking incorrectly or in the wrong place, I am new to this community.

      I have a VRA 7.1 installation and I am trying to submit request via the REST API, which is working.

      I pull down the template JSON and then post it again and get a successful submition.

      Guide here: http://www.vmtocloud.com/how-to-script-a-vrealize-automation-7-rest-api-request/


      However I wish to request multiple instance in a single deployment and can't see where to edit the JSON.

      There is an entry that has  "_leaseDays":1,"_number_of_instances":1}.


      If I increase "_number_of_instances" to get multiple deployment not multiple instances in a deployment as I expected.

      After contacting VMware this is "expected" behavior.


      Does anyone know how I can request multiple instances in a single deployment via RESTAPI request?