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    Writable Volume for .ost only

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      I'm using writable volumes for the .ost file in Outlook as directed in this video Using VMware App Volumes and User Environment Manager to Store the Microsoft Outlook Cache (.OST) - YouTube and other blog posts. I am using Persona for the rest of the user profile in a linked-clone pool.

      Some users are experiencing Office re-configuring when opening Excel. They have multiple Excel add-ins that are required. The way to stop it is to delete the writable volume and have it recreate. I'm guessing the writable volume is capturing some change that is messing up Outlook. If I only want to use the writable volume for the .ost file, should I modify the snapvol.cfg and comment out the virtualize=\ and the virtualize_registry entries so that the WV becomes just another storage location?

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          I'm not quite sure if that works. Thing is that when logging in it checks to see if the volume is write or read only. When it is write it sets it as a writable and the filterdriver does some things you can't change.

          You could off course give it a try and after you set it,. just log off, attach the writable to a machine that has no Appvolumes agent, mount it and check to see what is actually written into the writable volume.