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    vDP 6.1.3 and vCenter 6.5 - No vDP in Home Screen, No Client Plug-In Appearing

    dbosilje Novice

      Hi All,


      I've been struggling with another issue in my home lab.  I upgraded to vCenter 6.5 last week and, at the same time, deployed a new vDP 6.1.3 appliance.  Try as I might, I can't seem to get the plug-in to appear anywhere within vCenter.


      I have gone into the extensions section of http://<vcenter>/mob and only see config.vmware.vdp2.config.  I can't seem to get config.vmware.vdp2 to show up, even if I delete the .config entry and restart/re-register the vDP appliance.


      I have also done the workaround where you log into the vCenter server and add the .war and .jar file manually into the vsphere-client directory, with no luck.


      Anyone else seeing this issue?