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    Cisco 1000v Distributed Switch ? Yes or No for new Builds

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      Morning guys , hoping to get your opinion on this matter


      I have quite a few clients on UCS blades , with vSphere 5.1 or 5.5 that want to upgrade to 6.02 or even 6.5 .

      When designing the new infrastructure , do we retain the Cisco 1000v Switches , or just go for the standard DVS ?


      Cisco engineers tell me we should keep the 1000v , but VMware Lifecycle doc indicates September 2018 is the end of it .

      I what are the gains ? Why is it "better " ?

      Would you guys recommend replacing it with the standard offer to enhance the lifetime of the newly built infrastructure  ?


      From my personal point of view , I think standard DVS will do most things we need , and most of my huge team will be able to administer it

      Also , no additional cost . In fact from this article , it appear N1K switches cannot do all the jobs DVS can




      Any comments ?

      Any real life experience is most welcome