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    A problem about wizard

    dhbtemp Novice

        Hi,i had a new problem to solve.

        When i open a dialog with command WEB_PLATFORM.openModalDialog(),i noticed that a parameter named "ObjectId" was null,

        The whole workflow is in the beginning loading a page the "ObjectId" is normal and not null.and then i opena new wizard(a new dialog which has its own Function and logic,what's more,web-platform.js is needed to import in this new dialog) with command WEB_PLATFORM.openModalDialog(),the "ObjectId" became null.Also i checked the sample named chassisA in SDK,there was the same problem.

        This problem make me can't get the content when i click a new page after i open a dialog.For example,now i  add a new extension point in the host,in the extension point,i create a select tree to show the different content.When a open a new dialog(use WEB_PLATFORM.openModalDialog()) in one of  select tree menu and close it,i click the other choose in the select tree menu, the content i need to show is empty.

        The  problem shows in the following figures,i print the ObjectId in the console,you can find its differentce.


                                                                 1.the normal view                            


                                                              2. the objectId is not null



                                                            3.open a new dialog in this page


                                                          4.now the object is null


                                                        5.close the dialog and click the other choose the error is occur

        if you have some good ideals about this problem or the resolvent,pls reply to me,thanks!

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          laurentsd Master
          VMware Employees

          Can you check why you are passing a null objectId in your call to WEB_PLATFORM.openModalDialog(dialog_title, url, width, height, objectId)?

          Notice how it is done in samples/chassisA-html/src/main/webapp/resources/js/chassis-summary.js


          $(document).ready(function() {


             // Get current object when the document loads, then objectId is valid for the rest of this code

             var objectId = WEB_PLATFORM.getObjectId();


            // Navigate to another view using its extension id.

             $("#monitorLink").click(function() {

                WEB_PLATFORM.sendNavigationRequest("com.vmware.samples.chassisa.MonitorView1", objectId);   <===== known objectId




          The following is not recommended for instance, because getting the objectId inside the click function is not guaranteed to work:


             $("#monitorLink").click(function() {

                 var objectId = WEB_PLATFORM.getObjectId();

                WEB_PLATFORM.sendNavigationRequest("com.vmware.samples.chassisa.MonitorView1", objectId);